Super 8 Wedding Film for Boston Weddings

February 13, 2024

Super 8 wedding film for Boston weddings

Super 8 wedding film is an incredible way to capture your wedding day, in addition to traditional photography. It’s a unique touch and a really artistic and nostalgic way to relive the magic of your wedding day! Today I’m sharing all of the reasons why I love Super 8 wedding film for Boston weddings. 

What is Super 8 Film?

Super 8 is a film format that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. The footage created has a vintage feel to it and is so fun! This is because it is a silent film and has sprocket holes along the sides of the image. It has authentic light leaks and grain and has beautiful film tones to it. Super 8 is filmed using an actual vintage camera.

Here is an example: 

Why I Love Super 8 Wedding Film

As a Boston & New England area wedding photographer, I’ll forever be adamant that photography is the best way to capture all of life’s fleeting moments – especially your wedding day. And film photography especially is a way to bring even more life and authenticity to your images. 
However, a close second to photography is analog motion film. I absolutely love when my couples choose to add Super 8 wedding film to their photography package because it allows them such a fun and unique way to relive their day.

Super 8 Wedding Film is Timeless & Soulful

Super 8 has a timeless quality to it which has been proven for decades. It’s still in use almost 70 years after its introduction! Its approach is honest with its minimal setup and inherent film characteristics like light leaks and grain. This all adds so much soul to your film!   

Super 8 is also silent, so it has a special way of drawing you in without the distraction of sound. For my couples, I like to deliver one version of the film as silent, and also one set to music for an additional romantic feel. 

It’s Artful & Nostalgic 

Your final 3-5 minute video (which is delivered digitally) will include clips from all portions of your wedding day, which are pieced together artfully. You’ll want to keep watching it again and again, reliving the nostalgia of your beautiful day. 

Meet Kelly – Boston Wedding Photographer 

If you’ve connected with this post and are interested in learning more about working with me, you can learn more about me here! I believe in capturing honest and elegant images and films that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.  

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