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Is a Professional Wedding Album Worth the Investment?

November 28, 2023

As a wedding photographer, one question I am often asked is if it is worth it to invest in a professional wedding album. So today I am sharing some reasons why you should consider getting an album, and also why a professional wedding album is worth the investment. 

Should You Get a Wedding Album? 

While we live in a digital age, there is something about having an album of your wedding photos that is truly special. After all, once the months (or years!) of wedding planning are done and your wedding takes place, the one thing you will for sure have left are your memories and the photos. An album preserves these memories for you and helps them to remain unforgettable.

Here are some more reasons why many couples opt to get a wedding album: 

The Physical Memories 

Most couples find that you will wind up looking through a photo album much more than you will scroll through the digital folder of images. Having an album makes viewing your photos – both together as a couple and also with friends and family – much more accessible. And especially as a newly-married couple, sitting together holding the album gives you a tangible connection to them, unlike holding a plastic mouse in your hand. 

Wedding Albums Become Heirlooms 

Do you ever look through your parents’ or relatives’ wedding albums? It is such a special thing to look back on, and you definitely don’t stand over their shoulder looking at a computer screen! You leaf through each page, oohing and awing at all of the moments from the wedding. Likewise, your children and future generations will enjoy reliving your day with you in the same way! Your wedding album will become something that is handed down and treasured for generations.   

Technology Becomes Dated 

While the most optimal way to store digital image files currently is on a USB drive or other external hard drive, that doesn’t guarantee that this will always be the case. USBs may become outdated as have DVDs and floppy discs. Having your favorite wedding photos printed and in an album will ensure that you always have a tangible copy of your photos.    

Why a Professional Wedding Album?

You will find that a professional wedding album comes with a higher price tag than other albums. Here are some reasons why many couples find it is worth the investment:  

You’ve Invested in Professional Wedding Photography – So Your Printed Photos Should Reflect the Same Quality

In your wedding planning process, you’ve already made an intentional investment in your wedding photographer, so the prints and albums of your images should reflect this same quality. DIY sites, even ones with beautiful aesthetics, don’t print true colors of quality that will last, unfortunately. They often use ink that will fade over time and the pages are not durable. Professional wedding albums are made, (often by hand), with quality materials that will last lifetimes. From custom covers to archival pages, the higher quality will allow your photographs to endure.     

Professional Wedding Albums Come With Professional Design 

When you order a professional wedding album, our design process is completely full service. Archiving your images can be a daunting task – especially after planning a wedding – so our professional process takes this off your plate and you can trust that your album will be created!

And, your album will be designed with professional creative experience so the end result is elegant and visually stunning. 

Professional Wedding Albums are Customizable 

From start to finish, your album can be completely customizable. You will get to communicate your vision and we will bring it to life! The cover material, color, embossing, and size are all customizable features. We can create an album that is just as unique as your wedding day.      

It’s the Next Step in Telling Your Story 

As your wedding photographer, I professionally outline and create a storytelling vision of your wedding day through the photos I take. From the ~1,000 photos, I select the images that will express the emotion and story of your day. With a printed wedding album, you can take that one step further and have a beautifully packaged version of the story of your wedding day. 

If you are ready to begin the album process, my two favorite vendors are QTAlbums and RedTree Albums.  

Wedding Album Tips from a Boston Wedding Photographer

Many couples find investing in professional wedding albums to be worth the added cost. However, a great way to help with the cost is to add an album gift card to your registry. This way one of your loved ones can share this great gift with you.

And another album tip – many of my couples opt to purchase an album as a gift to their parents. Your parents are so proud to see you get married and start this stage of your life, and will absolutely cherish a photo album from the day.  

If you are still early in your wedding planning process, you will definitely want to save this post for later. And if you are still looking for your perfect Boston wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you!  

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