Storytelling Wedding Photography – What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

May 10, 2022

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Your wedding day is for you – not for your photographer’s portfolio. When you work with a storytelling wedding photographer, you wind up with images that truly tell your story in an authentic and genuine way. Read on to learn more about storytelling photography and why this style makes all the difference in a wedding photographer.

storytelling photography for Boston weddings

What Is Storytelling Wedding Photography?

Storytelling photography is just what it sounds like – your photographer will tell the story of you as a couple, and your wedding day, through photos. It is a photography style that appreciates capturing authentic moments, versus just focusing on getting the typical wedding day shots. 

As a storytelling wedding photographer, I am not just blindly taking a whirlwind of photos on your wedding day. Instead, I am actively looking for the narratives of your day and listening to your story. I want to capture your story in a way that you connect with, and can relate to when you view your images, even years later. You should be able to look back through your wedding photos and feel the emotions that are portrayed in the photographs. I am not just taking the shots that social media tells you that you need, or going through the motions as your photographer.

Why Working With A Storytelling Photographer Makes A Difference

As a couple, you are unique! And your wedding day is also. So your photos should not feel like a generic wedding – they should portray you as a couple and your specific story! Stiff, one-size-fits-all poses or shots do not show your personality and the sincerity of your day. As a storytelling wedding photographer, I will capture the honesty of your day. We will take photos of the big moments of course, but will also capture the in-between, the transitions, the fleeting moments, looks, and connections that truly make your photographs personal. 

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How We Will Tell Your Story Through Your Wedding Photos

I promise to tell your story through your wedding photos. I do this by picking up your energy and the energy of the day and reflecting it in your images. Even well before your wedding day, I will get to know you both and learn what is important to you, so that I can most accurately capture your day and make sure that your images reflect you personally and what you are all about. On your wedding day, I am with you all day – I know when to be a fly on the wall and also when to guide you into intentional moments. When you look through your photos, I want you to feel the energy and re-live the moments and emotions that you felt on your special day.

As a Boston wedding photographer, my goal is to capture your story and honest moments from your wedding. I want my couples to feel like it is their wedding day, not my photoshoot! I will create a special day for you filled with memories that you will treasure – not just a production for photographs. If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding or elopement and storytelling photography is important to you, reach out to me! I love meeting and getting to know new couples. 

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