Engagement Picture Outfit Ideas for New England Couples

January 10, 2023


My best advice to couples selecting their engagement picture outfits is always to put together outfits that you are truly comfortable in. My goal is to capture your most authentic and in-love selves, so you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in the clothes you picked! Following that general guideline, the options can sometimes feel endless and overwhelming though. So today I’m sharing some engagement photo outfit ideas to help you narrow down your selections! 

And, another piece of advice – depending on the activity you decide to do for your session, consider bringing a change of clothes. While it is totally your call, more than half of my couples bring an outfit change because it can be a nice way for you to get multiple vibes from one session. Especially if we are going to a few different locations. It’s not necessary at all though – we will work together to talk about your vision! 

So, with these pieces of advice in mind, read on for some more engagement picture outfit ideas! 

Engagement Picture Outfit Ideas

Coordinating or Matching Engagement Photo Outfits

When you are deciding on your engagement picture outfits, you’ll want to decide to what level you want to match or coordinate. It is not necessary at all to match completely, but coordinating in some way always makes for nice photos! Steer clear of clashing patterns with each other, and you will be golden.

Sam and Spencer planned a gorgeous matching outfit for summer. She was so stylish in her all-white jumpsuit, and he coordinated perfectly in white as well! 

Tess and Ryan’s dressier outfit change is a perfect example of a well-matched outfit choice. Navy is always classic!

Katie and Dave didn’t match, but coordinated beautifully in timeless outfits that were appropriate for the locations they chose for their session.

Casual Engagement Photo Outfits vs. Dressy Engagement Photo Outfits

Next, deciding on what activity you will do during your engagement photo session will help determine how dressy or casual you want to dress. Casual engagement photo outfit ideas could include pieces like a light summer dress, khaki pants plus a more casual top, or pullovers and sweaters for fall. 

Jeans are also great for helping you to look and feel relaxed, and they really capture the everyday nature of your relationship. 

Dressy outfits can also make for really fun engagement photos – especially if you are going for a date-night vibe! The activity that you choose to do doesn’t have to be fancy in order to dress up in a nice outfit.

Molly and Ron really wanted a classic Boston shoot with champagne, and her satin dress and his nice shirt and dress pants really set the tone for this. 

Alternatively, Kayla and Zack decided to have their engagement session in a bookstore/bar that they love going to, in order to capture their favorite date on film. While the venue wasn’t fancy, Kayla’s dressy jumpsuit and emerald green heels and Zack’s button-down really elevated the look of their photos.

Don’t Be Afraid of Pattern

Pattern can be a really fun way to show your personalities! And as long as the patterns coordinate well your engagement photos will turn out beautifully. 

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Summer

The season can also help you to narrow down your outfit ideas of course. Light colors and more casual fabrics are always great choices for summer engagement photos. Whether you are strolling through downtown Boston or going for a walk along the beach or lake, these outfit ideas are always great options. 

Both of the outfits that Cassie selected for their beach engagement pictures were perfect for splashing in the water with their pups and having a romantic picnic on the beach. 

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Fall

Another popular season for engagement photos in New England is the fall. So some great ideas for fall engagement picture outfits include cozy sweaters and pullovers, flannels of course, and fun jackets and boots. 

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Boston Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Remember, if you are feeling nervous about how you will feel on camera during your engagement photo session, that is completely normal! As your photographer, I always encourage and guide my couples through natural interactions, so that you never feel too stiff. My goal is to authentically capture your connection and love at this point in time. 

Looking for a Boston wedding or engagement photographer? Send me a message, and we’ll set up some time for us to talk through your vision!   

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