Couple’s Sessions! A Few Tips and Why I Love Them

March 17, 2018

Salem Lighthouse Couple Bride Groom

I love couple’s sessions! These are times that I get to know two awesome people that are totally in love! They let me in and I get to be with the real them; see the love that is uniquely theirs, see how they joke and honestly smile, see how they look at each other and really appreciate, and I get to give these memories back to them and I am so thrilled and honored to be let into these intimate moments!

I want all my couples to have as much fun as I do. This shoot is for them, there is no pressure just authentic love and real connections. I’ve compiled some tips to help them get ready and excited!

  • Relax! and leave it to me

You two don’t have to do a thing! This time is for you two to be yourselves and relax. It might be fun to make a day of it, treat yourselves and really enjoy your time together. We’re not meeting to pose for “pretty pictures”, we’re there to remember this time and your love. I’m going to make the space for you two to really be yourselves, just relax and I’ll capture that authentic emotion!

  • Just be yourself

No need to get dressed up or fancy [unless you want to ­čÖé ]. It can help to wear clothes you’re comfortable in and can rock confidently! You don’t have to match or coordinate, but clothes that don’t clash photograph well. Neutrals of any color are always a good bet, they’re very flattering and complement┬ámost environments we’d be in. What’s most important to think about is how you want the photos to feel when you look back at them. I love to hear what you envision and work together!

Beach Engagement Bride Groom

  • Let me bet the third wheel

You two are a blast and people I really want to be friends with! We’ll hang out like we’re longtime friends and just have a good time doing what you like to do! No┬áneed to be nervous or stiff, we’re just hanging out – don’t think of this as a photoshoot. Let me in and I’ll take photos of you two being you, honestly in love.

  • Just do you

Remember what I said about your clothes? Remember how you want the photos to┬áfeel.┬áSame goes for the location you pick! It helps if you’re comfortable wherever we hang out. If you’re at home in the woods, let’s go on your favorite hike. Do you love to bake together? I’ll come over and am definitely down to sample your sweets. If you never leave the beach, then I’ll meet you there whatever the weather. Wherever we are,┬á the photos will feel authentic if you are true to you.

Boston Engagement Puppy Bride Groom

  • Have fun with it

If it rains during our time or the wind is blowing like crazy, I want you to have fun with it! Don’t worry if you get a little dirty or your hair blows out of place, we’ll capture the authentic you and the fun you’re really having! No need to bring lots of props or carry lots of things, it helps to be you and be ready for the adventure we discover. Emotion shows through in true photos, and that’s what I want you to take away – the memories of the times you’ve had and the love you’ll always share.





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